Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Having good communication is very important in relationships. I all kinds like between family members, friends, co-workers, and even intimate relationships. Communication is a key ingredient to having healthy relationships. I have always thought that communication was important and i stride towards that in my relationships with other people. Although I have always had a problem with confrontation. I had never come to the realization that being non-confrontational about everything could be a hindering block to having good communication. I have always known that i needed to overcome my fear of confrontation but i guess it just never clicked that it was putting walls up between me and other people. Until this week. There was something bothering me all week long, and i just kept shoving it aside. I didn't want to bring it up with the person i needed to. I prayed to God about it, i journaled about it and it really was just stressing me out. I was cranky and in a bad mood and just not myself because i refused to bring it up. Not noticing that this was affecting my mood all week long. When the opportunity came up to talk about it i again shoved it aside. Again i prayed to God asking him what i should do, whether or not I should share what was on my heart and how i felt. I eventually brought it up and the conversation went well. I had stressed about nothing. But in holding it in so long, lying and saying that i was fine and nothing was wrong i was only hurting the other person because they could tell.

Poor communication in all aspects of relationships is a bad thing. Whether the thing bothering you is simple, or it's an irritation, or about how your feeling got hurt, no matter what it is, keeping it bottled up inside isn't going to help. It might all just come out at once later on and completely destroy your relationship. I didn't realize how important a healthy amount of confrontation is and God really just put it on my heart that i need to share whats on my heart, that if i confront whatever situation is in love than it's okay and it is good for my relationship.

I think its the same thing with God. Although he already knows what's going on. God wants us to confront him about what's bothering us or how we are hurting and just whats going on in our lives. I think God sees us like we would see a Glass house. You can see everything that's going on inside. And you can try to hide things but you probably won't do a very good job at it because you are still living in a glass house. Maybe that's a terrible comparison but it's how i see it.

What are you holding back? What aren't you saying that you should? What are you trying to hide from God that he already knows?

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jose said...

Very wise words, old Kristyn would have done nothing. But you did something.